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milk chocolate
Milk Chocolate (200mg)
dark mint chocolate
Dark Mint Chocolate (400mg)
dark chocolate
Dark Chocolate (200mg)

heartland harvest confections

Forged by Nature. Perfected by Hoosiers. Farm to Foil.

Just when you’ve gotten comfortable with saying CBD, or Cannabidoil, we’re changing the terminology. We’ve been using CBD as a generic term but it doesn’t tell the full story and not all CBD is created equal.

Heartland Harvest Confections’ soothing chocolate bars are handcrafted with full spectrum, phytocannabinoid rich (PCR) hemp oil that has been single sourced from Indiana hemp farmers and artfully formulated by Hoosiers to carefully preserve the powerful cannabinoids and other compounds found only in PCR hemp oil. The cannabinoids in our premium PCR hemp oils include less than .3% total THC.

Our whole hemp plant approach guarantees you access to a full bouquet of cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids and other powerful compounds that work effortlessly together to deliver a divine richness best described as Hoosier Hospitality—just as nature intended.

So, sit back and relax knowing you have access to all the hemp plant has to offer in the form of our soothing, handcrafted chocolate bars perfected from farm to foil.